Creating a special guest experience in the hospitality industry


Creating a special guest experience in the hospitality industry
The leisure and hospitality industry is one of the driving forces of the global economy. The widespread adoption of new technologies in this sector over the recent years has fundamentally reshaped the way in which services are provided and received.

The guests nowadays are increasingly informed and demanding. The whole sector has changed dramatically, as sharing economy and Airbnb for instance have changed the traditional ways of travel, forever.


A special guest experience is about immersion and convenience


To better serve and enhance the guest experience hotel and resort properties are expected to embrace the new trends. Thus, the forward minded establishments are putting innovative technologies to use, finding creative and impactful ways to immerse their guests into the services offered by the hotel and its cooperation partners, at the same time cutting hotels’ operational costs and increasing revenue.


Successful brands create engaging guests experiences that travellers want to spend time (and money) on, interact with and share with others. The aim is to find the right balance of technology and human interaction to optimize the guest experience, while increasing revenues by communicating with the hotel guests directly, without intermediaries.


Guest facing technologies enable the hotel to regain ownership of their guests, no longer being dependant and losing their potential revenue to international service platforms, which also can be quite impersonal and ineffective.


A digital service platform affords guests the ability to browse, plan and pick activities at their own convenience thus facilitating seamless integration of technology into their travel experience. This platform, with the use of a sophisticated and customised guest-facing app, for example, is with the client in their mobile phone, everywhere they go, not just in the hotel room.


Seamless tech with a localised feel


Guest-facing systems improve guest experience in several different ways. Firstly, guest-facing systems ensure guest satisfaction by allowing guests to control their environment. Guest-facing systems empower guests with services such as automatic check-in and check-out services, keyless entry services, control of in-room functions etc.


Secondly, guest-facing systems provide guests with location-based services. Feel-like-a-local is an important service linked to creating a special guest experience and achieving guest satisfaction.


Thirdly, guests want to be able to access the same entertainment — from streaming platforms such as Netflix, Spotify etc — that they enjoy at home while traveling.


Nowadays, the digital traveller is highly mobile and thus, mobile friendly and customised solutions are the key to high-end guest-facing technologies.


Balancing operational costs and revenue


The services offered to guests through guest-facing systems are driven by sophisticated management systems. These systems are tasked with managing service staff and balancing operational costs and revenue without compromising quality of service provided to guests.


The management systems include property management system, customer relationship management, revenue and sales management, housekeeping maintenance software etc. For instance, guest facing technologies and hotel management systems help improve revenue per available room by speeding up the housekeeping and maintenance processes.


Cutting-edge technologies by a global leader


If you are reading this and thinking who could provide the full digital upgrade to create the ultimate guest experience for your hotel’s guests and increase your revenue at the same time, then the answer is right here.


at-visions, an Austria based innovative digital company is the global leader in its class, offering guest-facing technology and related IT solutions, managing over 350 000 hotel screens worldwide. The company is a true frontrunner and innovator of the hospitality sector, its client list including IHG, Accor and Marriot Bonvoy group hotels, Kempinski, Hyatt, Wyndham (Ramada), Atlantis The Palm, Dubai (Kerzner Group) and Ritz Paris, among many others.


The company’s cutting-edge technologies are aimed at the hotels’ business growth, being the ideal combination of digital marketing, innovative technology and know-how of the industry. It is truly a one-stop-shop for innovative solutions that will elevate the guest experience, covering the full guest journey.


at-visions offers the full range of guest-facing technology: a tailor-made in-room entertainment system, industry-sector specific digital signage solutions, mobile apps, bespoke hotel Wi-Fi and network solutions and IT-consulting.


It is not only in-room and TV. It is every content on every screen


Guest-facing technologies, mobile apps and digital signage solutions offer hotels endless opportunities for digital marketing and upsell and cross-sell, not just in the hotel room via the TV screen but everywhere the guest goes, via public screens and in their mobile.


at-visions digital signage solution is used as a network of electronic displays, from in-room to mobile to public screens, that are centrally managed and individually addressable for the display of text, animated or video messages for advertising, information, entertainment and merchandising to targeted audiences. With at-visions the hotel is wherever the guest is, at any given moment of the full guest journey. It is a total immersion of the guest to the hotel’s world of services and offers.


Also, all of at-visions solutions can be integrated with the hotel’s management system to guarantee a smooth communication between the guest and the hotel and the hotel internally, in order to collect data and balance operational costs and revenue.


Intensifying the guest-hotel connection


Cutting edge guest facing technologies will enable the hotel to establish a tighter relationship between their guests and their brand, the hotel’s properties and also local communities where it operates.


Using more “contact points” is not only intensifying the guest-hotel connection but also creating valuable data about preferences and guest behaviour. There is a great upselling – cross selling functionality within the at-visions solution. Instead of seeing the hotel as a building with 200 rooms, consider it a business with 50 000 customers. As previously stated, guest-facing technologies make it possible for hotels to regain ownership of their guests, being with them along the whole guest journey, from booking until return.


The game in hospitality has changed. Now it is up to the hotels to change, by making use of the newest guest facing technologies from at-visions, offering the best guest experience possible, while increasing revenues.


Kristjan Täht
at-visions Nordic