Hotel solutions for properties

Are you just looking for machinery and TV channels or perhaps a fully integrated solution with information transfer and room service? We design special solutions for every taste and property’s need.
We use only use the newest hotel TV models by the world’s leading producers. This is our way of helping you run your property smoothly.

  • Interactive hotel solutions

    Add interactivity to your hotel television!

    Gone are the days when hotel television was just a box for TV channels. A television is a device that helps your guests find the information they need about the services important to them.

    Televisions can share personal messages, wake people up and through SMART environment, let them easily use all entertainment solutions like Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, and others. In addition, you can connect your smart device to every proper television and display its content on the big screen.

    In cooperation with Samsung, Philips and Hibox, CityTV offers different solutions from which we can put together the most suitable one for your hotel television. All solutions can be integrated with your hotel’s PMS system to guarantee a smooth communication between your client and your hotel.

  • Full-package solution from one place

    We offer full-package solutions from television channels to device administration!

    Do you prefer to have all your services in one system that can be integrated with the hotel system? No problem! We shall gather TV channel packages, room service info and the mini bar administration into one system for you! You do not have to worry about the devices or about their content.

    We offer different channel packages and digital headends for hotel televisions.

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