Trump card of sensory marketing

Scent is the unique x-factor in sensory marketing. CityTV offers scent branding services and helps you in creating truly multisensory consumer experiences.
Would you like to welcome your guests with a sweet smell of a homebaked cake, allure them in with a fresh citrus aroma or soothe your worried patients with the soft scent of lavender? Every scent plays a nuanced and a deep role in forming opinions and in making purchase decisions.

  • How does it work?

    You can choose from more than 1600 evocative fragrances and work together with our scent branding specialists to design a scent that would exactly suit your brand.

    We follow a no-mess principle and when necessary, either direct scents into selected zones or ventilation devices. We are using innovative scent diffusers which are meant for filling different-sized spaces with scent.

    • More than 1600 fragrances
    • The newest scent diffusers
    • Custom scent design based on your needs
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