Pro-screens for every need

You can choose between indoor and outdoor screens and LED solutions. We offer professional screens that differ from regular televisions by their higher brightness, longer lifespan and dustproof display cases. Our screens are suitable for both ads and information, and as screens for meeting and conference spaces.

  • Advertising screens

    Advertising screens are a popular and an efficient way of sharing messages. We offer full-package solutions that incorporate screens, installation and content management. You can choose whether you want to deal with content management yourself or to leave it for our specialists. We also offer consultations on content creation and screen installation.

    You can choose from three solutions and their combinations:


  • Outdoor screens

    Outdoor screens have high brightness levels that help to guarantee an ideal display also in a bright sunlight. All our outdoor screens are weather and vandalism proof, and their specification can be customised to fit your exact needs. All screens can also be transformed into touch screens.


  • Meeting and conference screens

    High quality visuals and their smooth display form the basis of a successful meeting. We offer solutions in different sizes from small rooms to larger conference halls. All screens can also be transformed into touch screens. Additionally, you can also choose from comfortable, cable free picture display solutions.

    In addition, we also offer booking systems together with info screens for meeting rooms.

  • LED screens and solutions

    LED screens can be used both indoors and outdoors. The indoor LED screens have a high contrast display, also from close proximity: the pixel density for the screens is almost comparable to LCD screens.

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